A quick “selfie portrait!” Let me draw you!

Happy Tuesday good sirs! How are we today?!

I’ve just done a super quick iPad drawing of myself (I was bored), and a few of my friends have requested to have one done of them too! Which is quite flattering actually. ^_^ So if you’d like a quirky drawing of yourself,a friend or a pet, post me a simple photo (or if you feel uncomfortable doing so, just send a description of yourslef instead) plus an interest or a favourite food/item to: 🙂 Like I’ve mentioned previously, I’m by NO means a professional artist, or even very good one, so they will obviously be free of charge, as you’re basically letting me practice my drawing skills on you 😀 They will be done in the same cartoon style as above. I hope you like it!

Do follow me for more arty farty stuffs. It’s much appreciated.

My "selfie"


Me with my Haribo green hair.


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