@CoconutElectric – Follow me on Twitter, chaps – I’m super-interesting*

*may not always apply. 😉

So, I’ve finally joined Twitter – I’m only 8 years too late!

I do feel a wally for joining so late in game, but when I downloaded it way back in 2010, I only had 2 measly followers – two! – one of whom was my step-dad, so rather than tweeting my thoughts, could simply yell them to him from another room instead. It seemed utterly pointless tweeting to nobody. It only exacerbated the fact that I didn’t really have any friends.

So, really, I never deleted it, I just never came back. It seems, if you’re not a celebrity, restaurant or the Prime Minister, honestly, nobody really cares what you think. A tweet gets swallowed into the past realms faster than you type it. However, it is an excellent way to talk directly with people, places and celebrities your interested in, which is pretty cool really. I don’t always get a response, but when I do, I feel enlightened, I feel noticed. I can see why folks get addicted.

Facebook seems so slow in comparison now! Don’t you think? Facebook is like being in the country, pleasant, slow, unmoving. Twitter on the other hand, is sorta like London -everything is happening, everything is current, you’d miss out if you blinked for too long – right? But my love affair for London didn’t last, and maybe Twitter will see me leave it again too. But quite frankly, who’d care..?



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