My super mega awesome 2 days in Cockney geeza town!

Well, I gots some free time to have a lovely ramble about my trip to LONDON! It was for a job interview at Koya, a Japanese restaurant. They’ll get back to me if they have any spaces for me to work (there was a bit of a mix up!) but I still had an awesome 2 days, seeing my lovely sister Melly (shes 23, a children’s nurse, and the bestest beast ever!) and my Japanese friend, Akira, 22, and a student, who is staying here for a month with a host family. He was super nice, and we had a really lovely day! Although a very, very, very, wet one. Teehee. Bloody rain. I adore London, just love it. Love the atmosphere, the people, the business, the exciting and fast pace of life…it’s completely different to up North. It feels like everything is happening in London, and you don’t want to miss out.

I started my journey on le Megabus. Worst. Way. To. Travel. Anywhere. Ever. Seriously, I was sat behind the smelliest couple ever. It was so bad I couldn’t sleep, and the only way I could distract myself was by playing Mizca full blast on my iPodge, and playing Ninja Fishing non-stop. This must also be the only coach in Britain with ZERO headrests, arm rests, and bloody foot rests. I mean, you’d get a more relaxing time sat on a church pew. So, uber un-comfy, buuuut, it was free (thanks to Tesco vouchers….*smooch*) and so I left my house at 1am and got to London at 7am. Yes, that is correct, the girl who loves sleeping was in LONDON BY 7. Ecck. So, like some demented tourist zombie, I literally ambled my way around some train station for 2 HOURS waiting for Wasabi to open up (which it never did) so I got an oyster card instead, and just chilled on the tube, not really caring where I was going (please note, first time Londoners, dont just hop on a tube and hope to end up at Big Ben. It doesn’t work hehehe) so I ended up at….*wracks brain*…well somewhere. Near the British Museum. I walked, and walked, and walked. AND I NEVER FOUND IT. I followed all the arrows and everything, honest, guv’nor! >_< But no. And lots of other people asked me aswell, bless them. I just pointed to some direction. Hope to god they found it. Sorry to any lost Italians in London today! So anyhoo, I then decided it wasn’t working, and it was about 11 oclock at this time. Aaaaaargh wasted hours!!!!!!! I decieded to visit Le Awesome Place….CAMDEN MARKET! So I hopped on the tube and got off at Camden town. Okay….*peers for the lovely big market* I can only see council houses. Holey guacamole. Ooooh a sign that says camden town! (But I thought I was in camden town hahahaha) Okay, so I headed off and walked and walked and walked…..and walked, and walked, and walked……………….and walked. And every so often, a sign for camden market would appear, and my heart would relax a bit. I walked through Camden town, and hooraaay, a sign for the market!!! I recognised it, and just kept on walking, right up to the market. it was still as cool as ever, with stupidly fashionable people walking about. Mostly rock and punk clothing (which, 2 years ago, would have been like pure heaven) loads of tatoo places (still want my angry Pikachu tatoo!) etc. I wont write too much because it was mainly mooching and getting stalked by a very nice but crazy Chinese woman begging me to buy her clothing.

i’ll write more soon!



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