I just lost the game. And I have no job, still. *facepalm*

Hellooo! ‘Kay, so I guess nobody reads this. Which is ACTUALLY fine by me. Seriously. I just need to VENT today, please, mr empty space for writing. Well, its currently day 483r6347684 and I still have no job. I mean, its getting crazy now. No wonder employment is so damn high. Some days I seriously think about getting a sandwich board (mmmm sandwich) and painting WILL WORK FOR PENNIES. I’m getting so disheartend now. My life plan was to go to Uni, get my degree and go and work in Japan. Well, it hasn’t happened. I wasn’t ready for Uni I guess……Now I’m regretting it so much. The course was great, but as usual, I didn’t think I was good enough to do anything, so I quit. Stupid. So, right now, I’m still living at home, not exploring the world like I intended. I mean, something has gotta come along, right?! We can’t all just sit around forever. Its driving me insane. There is so much to see, and life is just passing by. It could end at any minute, and what would I have achieved? A bit fat zero. I guess its the starting that’s the hardest. Chicken and the egg. Aaaargh these food references are making me peckish.

Young people are employable, Some of us are decent and hardworking, yet we’re looked upon as being lazy and feckless, when it is actually incredibly hard to get a job!! I haven’t even claimed benefits or JSA, because my pride won’t let me. Thus, I’m jobless, penniless, and….lifeless. I need something to wake up to. Alot of those rioters – okay it was mindless and disgusting – but half of them lived on benefits with no prospects and hopes. If we all had something to wake up to, be proud of, and have a meaning…..well I guess the world would be maybe slightly different. Maybe. Anyway…back on with the job hunt. Wish me luck. 🙂


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