More presents from my lovely penpals!! (^^)/

I got some beautiful gifts from my dear friends, Mayumi & Fumiko. Thank you guys!!! I am so into green tea cookies now. Yumzo! They taste like shortbread, they’re green, and the tea flavour gives them a scrummy zing! ありがとう!I am insanely lucky to have such sweet friends. I also love choosing presents for them, too!!! Although the UK doesn’t really have anything super cool (apart from …… erm…. fish and chips?) Ooooh, I really fancy some now. Again, Mayumi send me a really kawaii and yummy tin! She is so talented!! Do you think so? Check out the pics below. She also sent me a towel of Japan’s favourite breadman….ANPANMAN!! I loooove it! So bloody cute! xD OMG and how could I forget my Rilakkuma plate?! Waaa! Sorry, Korilakkuma. ^^ I can’t wait to eat my homemade onigiri off it! It’s beyond cute. Oh and my kawaii chocolate lollipops (FAR too cute to eat!) Thank you ^^
Fumiko sent me a really adorable plushie elephant called Epha. (There is a whole range of the Elph range in Japan which she introduced me to. Check it out, just as cute as Rilakkuma!) If you’re a fan of that lazy bear, you are sure to love Elph and his friends.
Also, Fumiko sent me a gorgeous make up range, called CANMAKE, which is just amazing, really! (And of course, in totally kawaii packaging.) CANMAKE Cheek graduation…….hands down the best blusher I’ve ever tried. It has 4 “gradients” of colour, dark to light pink, and by sweeping the brush along all 4, gives a beautiful peachy colour. I’m sorry for the god awful pic of myself, but maybe you can see the blusher in the photo? I’m in LOVE! I’m also wearing the CANMAKE eyeshadows, four shadows in a compact case, ranging from dark grey/purple, to a light silver.
Fumiko also sent me some clothes (a lovely white top, so Japanese style, and a navy polkadot), Hello Kitty things, like a mirror and comb, (cutest thing EVER!) awesome face masks which I WILL try and review at some point (with hilarious pics heehee!) an Elph makeup bag, and memo pad (which I use every day, it’s amazing how many times you think of something, don’t write it down, and totally forget what it was later on, gaaah!) pink nail varnish….just so much! I’m super lucky.
Thank you SO MUCH, Mayumi and Fumiko! ^^

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