♥ ♥My first encoounter of a riceball! おにぎり。おいしい!

WAAAA! I ATE MY FIRST ONIGIRI! Mayuko bought me one from Japan as a gift when we met in London. Now I am so addicted to these scrummy balls of rice! My contained flaked salmon….wow. It was so lovely!!! I could eat it all the time. And the worst part is, you can’t buy them anywhere here! Nooooo!! Insanely delicious, I totally recommend. I can’t wait until I visit Japan, I will be stocking up on these!! The one I had was a store bought one, but everything in Japan of course, is pure quality, so it was ultra nice. And, suprisingly, really filling! I can see why these are such a portable snack in Japan. Aaaah, just…….ace. Thank you, Mayuko!


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