Asian Inspired Dinners!☆



Sophy here, as usual! Well, just lately…………I’ve been on a diet! Nooo! I still am, of course. I’m determined to lose some of this blubber ready for le summerSun! Woohoo! (More like, groooaaan!) Anyway, I thought to myself, whats one of the healthiest countries in the world? JAPAN of course! And the French never seem to get fat either!! Lucky buggers. So I’ve had a bit of an Asian theme this week! It’s mainly been sushi (well, Tescos version of it. I know, I know, it’s like eating a burger and calling it steak) but it’s the next best thing in my eyes. ^^ So the other night I had sushi to start with teryaki beef noodles~おいしいです! Scrummy. Tonight was Japan branded Nissan duck noodles with prawns. Bowl Okay I know it’s not exactly Gordon Bleurgh cooking (well virtually no cooking hehe! Which means no washing up!) But it’s been a fun and tasty few days! Here are some pictures of my cuisine hehe. The “British|” style sushi is hilarious. Coronation chicken fillling, tuna mayo filling, prawn marie rose filling?! Bloody scrummy, but totally wrong. I also bough Wilkinson’s style sushi, and that contained curried carrot and cream cheese. So authentic, absolutely not, yummy……strangely yes! Can’t wait to try out the real thing one day! I also headed to the Asian supermarket in York today, and bought some thick Udon noodles. I’ve just emailed my friend Mayuko, who lives in the Udon capital of Japan, for a recipe!! If she gives me one, I’ll be sure to try it and pop it on soon. :3 Thanks for reading, guys! MeowNYA!



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