The Royal Wedding! ♡

Love is in the air…….for two people at least! And you *may* have heard of them……Bill and Ben! Or the slighty more famous couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton (although my brother likes to call them Prince Middleton and Kate William….I have no idea either!) But anyway. It really was fantastic. It brought out the best of the British, our need to celebrate, the united front, even just for one day, was brilliant. We are eccentrics are heart, and when we give it all all, boy we really do! The 29th made me proud to be British again. Kate looked beautiful, and the whole ceremony was just lovely. I’m no Royalist, but it was a stunning service, and one I’ll be glad to tell my children about in the future. I only wish I was there in London to soak up the atmosphere! Ah never mind 🙂 What did you think of it? ♡


One thought on “The Royal Wedding! ♡

  1. Yuki says:

    I saw their parade on TV at night(9 hours differences we have). Princess Catherine was very beautiful, it is jealous for me little bit haha. I just want to say Congratulations on the British Royal Wedding! It was absolutely brilliant, I think 🙂

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