Birthday Wishes!

My Gawd, I haven’t even posted about my birthday yet! Not that it’s an important even, but it’s more about the people who made it that way! ^^ So much has happened! Well, I have a tiny brain, so too much of things turn my into a turtle, and I want to hide in my shell. Anyway, I had a lovely day. Even though I was at Uni, I still had that excited tummy the night before. 19! I can feel my bones creaking already! I received a pepper pot Kokeshi doll from my friend Lisa My friend Tara bought me a Sushi card and a Hello Kitty goodie bag~ かわいい!ありがとう!I got a really cute top from my nana, a blue one with lace at the bottom – ooh posh! And then we went out for a MEGA CURRY. Waaah! Honestly felt like a obese walrus at the end. I also received a beautiful gift packet from my penpal in Paris. I had so many warm wishes, emails, Facebook messages, and texts from friends family and penpals. Thank you guys! That was what made my day, because sadly now I’m old, a birthday cake doesn’t give me a fuzzy feeling, only toothache. 😉 Because I haven’t been home, I didn’t recieve many actual gifts. So this week is gonna be like a whole week of birthdays! I can’t wait! ^^ Check out the hilarious pic of my grandparents in the slideshow! xD They’re gonna hate me! 😛 My mum has promised to take me to the PARIS JAPAN EXPO!! as a belated birthday pressie. WOOHOO! I am so excited!! It looks so fab, check it out:

Anydoodles, I’ll stop rambling now. Please enjoy!!!


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