A quick “selfie portrait!” Let me draw you!

Happy Tuesday good sirs! How are we today?!

I’ve just done a super quick iPad drawing of myself (I was bored), and a few of my friends have requested to have one done of them too! Which is quite flattering actually. ^_^ So if you’d like a quirky drawing of yourself,a friend or a pet, post me a simple photo (or if you feel uncomfortable doing so, just send a description of yourslef instead) plus an interest or a favourite food/item to: 🙂 Like I’ve mentioned previously, I’m by NO means a professional artist, or even very good one, so they will obviously be free of charge, as you’re basically letting me practice my drawing skills on you 😀 They will be done in the same cartoon style as above. I hope you like it!

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My "selfie"


Me with my Haribo green hair.


SLO-MO MONDAY! Fishcakes, Noodles + Scrummy Chinese Veg Recipe.

Hello chaps! Welcome to slo-mo Monday. (And you need to say it in slooow mooootion too, ‘tis the rules!) This is where I make a slo-mo video of me cooking a quick and scrumptious (amazing word) meal for two!

Now then my darlings, a teeny little disclaimer… I’m no chef by any means, and I don’t really often make my own sauces or anything crazy like that…basically me and the boyfriend both work quite long days, so we simply don’t have the time. However, please enjoy and I hope you’ll find some nice meal ideas in many more Mondays to come!

The idea came from the fact I was SO excited to have a slo-mo feature on my iPhone 5s…original huh?!?! Please note all ingredients and sauces are from British supermarkets, so you may wish to use or find alternative ingredients in your area. 🙂 Right! Ready to go? Wash those mitts, throw on that there apron and let’s get busy! My video:

Ingredients (and rough price estimates)

1 packet of instant noodles (15p, Asda)

½ pack of stir fry mix (£1, Tesco)

Chinese BBQ sauce (80p, Tesco)

Pepper (15p) Onion and Spring onion (10p each)

Garlic Puree (50p a pot, 2p a spoonful)

X2 Cod Fishcakes (£1.75 Tesco)

Total –  £2.02 per person. Positively a baaaargain!

Simply pop the fishcakes in the oven at about 150 degrees for 20 mins. While they are cooking, pop some oil in a hot pan and add pepper, onion and spring onion. Also add a dash of garlic puree (fabulous stuff and no smelly hands after chopping garlic!) and a little salt. Let it all cook nicely, then add the stir fry mix.

Let the veg soften (but not too much you still want the crunch) then add the BBQ sauce. Allow it to become sticky and steamy. Meanwhile, add noodles to boiling water and wait for them to cook (takes 5 mins at the most.) Then take out the fishcakes.

Add the noodles, then veg, then the fishcake on top. Add a little spring onion to garnish. Serve and……ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

Come back next Monday for quick meal ideas!

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New Features On My Blog, And Welcome New Followers!

Hi everyone! おはようございます

So, I just wanted to do a quick post on WHY I’m blogging, and why I hope you’ll follow me, as I’m going to be including weekly features that include food, art, vinyl toys, Japan, MORE FOOD, and childcare tips! I hope you will all become regular visitors. ^_^

Basically, while I was at University in York, way back in 2011, we were forced told to make a blog on WordPress, to showcase our artwork and crafts, and to try and reach a bigger audience. Well, as I quit University, I obviously never got a chance to really show any of the 3D artwork I created – mainly because it wasn’t any bloody good (!) But, I would often try and keep my blog updated, as it would be a good habit to get in to.

However – I’m not a natural writer (I’m more of a talker, I never shut up!) and saw it more as a chore, so I never kept up with my day-to-day life very well. After I quit University, I decided then to use my blog when emailing my Japanese pen-pals. It was easy just to pop the link into an email and let them see what I was up to (plus my J-pals LOVED anything British, so I would try and photos of British “things”, the Dales, fashion and York, where I lived at the time.)

But, inevitably, I just stopped. It became too much and I forgot about it. I began working in catering at Nestle in York, and became exhausted. I didn’t really have anything exciting to blog about.

Re-reading a lot of my past posts, they’re pretty dull, short and rambling. I was 18 at the start of this blog, and really, it shows. I’m not going to go back and delete everything – I quite like looking back and seeing some of the things I did, even though it’s all a bit amateurish and  full of teenage musings. 

So my dear fellows, from this post on, I am going to try and make my blog a fun and interesting read!

Social Media has spread like never before, you really have to work at being current and up-to-date. Really, it’s the only way to keep up with the world these days! So, Scouts Honour, I will try and post as much as I can, when I can. Pwomise!

Here are some weekly features that I hope you will enjoy!

For those who have just decided to follow, I do hope you’ll stick around. And for those who have yet to join, I hope you do! And always feel free to drop a comment, I simply love ‘em.

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Take care, and thanks for reading.
お大事に! ☆ またね!
Sophy。♥ ♥ ♥

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*may not always apply. 😉

So, I’ve finally joined Twitter – I’m only 8 years too late!

I do feel a wally for joining so late in game, but when I downloaded it way back in 2010, I only had 2 measly followers – two! – one of whom was my step-dad, so rather than tweeting my thoughts, could simply yell them to him from another room instead. It seemed utterly pointless tweeting to nobody. It only exacerbated the fact that I didn’t really have any friends.

So, really, I never deleted it, I just never came back. It seems, if you’re not a celebrity, restaurant or the Prime Minister, honestly, nobody really cares what you think. A tweet gets swallowed into the past realms faster than you type it. However, it is an excellent way to talk directly with people, places and celebrities your interested in, which is pretty cool really. I don’t always get a response, but when I do, I feel enlightened, I feel noticed. I can see why folks get addicted.

Facebook seems so slow in comparison now! Don’t you think? Facebook is like being in the country, pleasant, slow, unmoving. Twitter on the other hand, is sorta like London -everything is happening, everything is current, you’d miss out if you blinked for too long – right? But my love affair for London didn’t last, and maybe Twitter will see me leave it again too. But quite frankly, who’d care..?


Making Vinyl Toys…..It’s gonna be a long hard road!

This week I’ve been looking up on how to create vinyl toys….and boy it ain’t easy. You need to spend a lot of time working on the brand, the design, the ideas, getting the fans, the networking, the advertising, the blogging, getting your name out there………..But I’m determined to do this! Here, I’m going to post my ideas, thoughts and frustrations. Any work on here cannot be used without my permission please 🙂 I’m going to be using my blog as a platform for reviews, criticisms and feedback. I really need to brush up on my drawing skills, so I’ll be looking for courses and classes within my area. It’d be so exciting to join other like-minded and creative folk.

I’m also planning to open an Etsy shop and sell some of my work as prints, and also do custom cartoon portraits, so watch this space!

Thank you.

My new little budgie, Blue.

This is our new budgie, Blue! What do you think of him? 🙂

It’s a funny story of how he came to be actually, because I bought Blue him on a total whim. (I was supposed to be buying curry sauce – true story!)

My poor boyfriend didn’t have a clue. He came home from work and I’d had let Blue out for his first fly. The little sod decided that he was terrified (understandable) and decided to hide behind the TV amongst the electrical wires (not understandable.)

My unsuspecting boyfriend came upstairs and I was crouched behind the TV with Blue on my hand, thinking “Oh God I really shouldn’t have done this, it’s a pet, it’s a commitment!” I didn’t move for about 5 minutes, I daren’t. My boyfriend looked really puzzled and said “Soph, what are you doing behind there, what’s broken?!” And after another 5 minutes, I simply lifted my hand, and Blue popped up from behind the TV. My boyfriend was in total shock, but luckily he laughed about it for a good half hour.

He said the other day, “Blue has really bought something special to the flat and it wouldn’t be the same without him.”

This is what happens when I go out for things. I BUY THINGS I REALLY, REALLY SHOULDN’T. Another case example, I went into Lidl for some jam, and I came out with a brand new rug! A very pretty rug, but still! Do I have no self-control! (Answer, no.)

Pretty Boy

Ain't He Handsome..?

My Work Exhibited In Crayke Gallery, York!

This is my Tiny Jim exhibition in Crayke! So, this was a really exciting opportunity for me. When I was at University, we were given a project, which was entitled “Sensory”, and would be installed in the gallery itself, and the grounds of the gallery.  The Dutch House gallery is a “cafe, gallery and wildlife garden in one.”  The aim of the project was to provide artwork that could be felt, touched, heard, or seen, in a more exaggerated sense. I created tiny turtles and monsters made from ceramics, fluff, buttons and other stimulating materials. It was created when my little sister would become naughty, and Tiny Jim, a small turtle, would suddenly appear, so tiny he couldn’t be seen, but lived in my pocket, and would appear when my sister was being especially  naughty, and it worked a treat! So this was a great stepping board to creating an entire world of these little guys. I’m hoping revisit Tiny Jim some day and work more on him and his friends!

You can read more about it here

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